AI Marketing Tools to Improve Your Business

Artificial Intelligence is also known as AI. It uses machine learning to create powerful tools.

These innovations can be used in every aspect of Digital Marketing.

This article will examine the tools for content creation, email marketing, and social media. We’ll also discuss analytics, SEO, and customer relations.

These AI marketing tools will help you become more organized and efficient. They can also prepare your company for future growth.

AI Marketing Tools for Content

Digital marketing is a time-consuming process, but content is a crucial part of it.

The time spent on planning, writing, editing, and distributing content is often more valuable for other strategic tasks.

AI tools for content marketing can assist marketing teams in their content creation by simplifying and automating repetitive tasks.

Tool #1: Grammarly

Grammarly, a popular tool for writers and marketers, does more than check spelling.

Grammarly’s AI algorithm will read your writing, suggesting correcting or improving grammar, punctuation, and contextual errors.

Tool #2: Deep L

DeepL is the best tool for simple translation. This tool can translate files and documents instantly.

The software uses AI technology to translate text from various sources quickly and accurately. It even claims that it is more accurate than Google Translate.

Tool #3: Acrolinx

Acrolinx is a tool that helps marketers improve their content quality by analyzing previously published content.

You can also use it to store your content and identify areas for improvement or topics you should expand on. It also has tools for proofreading to help you reduce the time spent editing.

AI Marketing Tools for Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a second aspect of digital programs that can benefit AI tools.

Emails can be repetitive and require many tests to get the best results.

AI tools for email marketing can help marketers stand out and reduce the time spent researching and testing.

Tool #4: Optimal

Optimal optimizes your email list and learns based on the behavior of those who send emails.

It helps you to perfect your testing strategy and provide actionable insights to increase conversions and engagement.

This will help you to understand your email campaign’s impact fully.

Tool #5 – Phrases

Marketing circles are often divided over the subject lines.

It would help if you made sure your emails are compelling enough to encourage readers to open them, but there are strict character and length requirements.

Phrase allows you to write better subject lines and create millions of variations tailored to your brand voice.

Tool #6: Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense helps you stand out in crowded email inboxes using behavioral science and profiling.

The platform can help you determine the best day and time to send your important messages. It also uses AI to predict frequency based on customer activity.

AI Marketing Tools for Social Media

Digital marketing includes social media management. But it can be time-consuming, requiring a dedicated team and many hours to search feeds and make connections.

AI marketing tools help social media marketers better understand their audience and discover connections, relevant posts, and brand mentions.

Tool #7: Yext

Yext keeps your brand on top of online reviews and recommendations.

Yext provides insights by analyzing reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

You can manage your online reputation by identifying common complaints or compliments.

Tool #8: Persado

Knowing the most important words and phrases you should use when connecting with your audience via social media takes work.

Persado allows you to create the perfect language to reach different audience segments while staying true to your brand’s voice.

You can build stronger relationships across all your social media platforms.

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