7 Qualities To Look For In A Trusted Handyman

If you live in Sydney, you need a handyman. Who can you trust? It can be difficult to choose from so many choices. We are here to help! This list contains 7 essential qualities every handyman must have. These qualities will help you find the right person to do the job, no matter if you are looking for repairs or light gardening help around your house.


It is crucial to trust the person who does work on your property or home.

It is crucial that you trust anyone with physical access to your property or home, including those working on your exterior such as a plumber, painter, or general handyman, around your personal belongings, whether you are home or away.

You should look for handymen who have testimonials and references from past clients.

You’ll find lots of reviews online when searching for a handyman in your area.

For referrals, you can reach out to local community groups via facebook. This is often the best way for you to find qualified tradespeople.


It is essential to find someone with the experience and knowledge required for larger projects, such as drywalling or tiling. You should look for a handyman who has experience with your particular project. A skilled handyman can not only handle your requests, but will also offer advice and recommendations.

A skilled handyman can also explain the process and how it affects your project’s cost.

Ask them about their past projects. This will give you an idea of how they are based on their answers.


To be able to work as a handyman, he must have a license for specific trades and skills. Before you sign any contract, make sure that your potential contractor is licensed and insured. You can check the details of any licensed handyman services online to verify that they have their license number.


It can be difficult to find someone who has enough time. A skilled handyman in bexley will take care of your needs and be there when you need him.

You can check their availability online, or by calling them. Ask about their willingness to accept new jobs and when they might be available for you to commit.

It’s not unusual for a handyman to be too eager to get started on your project only to discover that they have too many projects going at once. This can cause delays or make them do a lower quality project.

Set a time frame for each other so you can agree on the completion date.

Competitive pricing:

The price difference between tradespeople when it comes to house renovation or maintenance can be significant.

It’s always worthwhile to get more than one quote. This will give you an idea not only of the price but also how they communicate and work together.

As you can see, not all tradesmen are the same in terms of their ability to work with the same materials and workmanship. If you are certain that the project will have more value, you may decide to pay more.

Clear Communication:

Communication is key to a successful renovation or major repair.

Failure to communicate with your tradesperson can lead to a project taking much longer, costing more, or not looking as great. Make sure you communicate with your tradesman about everything you need to agree on before you start the project. Also, make sure you stay informed about any changes or obstacles that may occur.

You can keep track of progress by using a whiteboard or project board. This allows you to update the board as the tradespeople do their work. One example would be the magnetic dry erase wall planners that Officeworks sells.

Guarantee and Commitment:

You should get a signed, dated and written guarantee of the work done. It is important to include details like who will supply the materials and labour, as well as what happens if your property is damaged.

Before agreeing to anything in writing, be sure to read the terms of tradespersons after-service commitment and guarantee.


It is almost a given, but it is important to make sure that tradespeople who enter your premises are insured for their own safety and the work they do.

They must have public liability insurance.

The majority of home owners have some form of public liability. However, if your property is rented, you may not have the same coverage. If someone is hurt while on your premises, it will be your responsibility unless they have insurance.


When you are looking to have your house or business renovated, repaired or built, it is crucial that you carefully choose a reliable tradesperson. These skills will ensure the job is completed within budget and on time. It’s not about finding someone who will do what you need at the lowest price.

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