26 Fishing Boat Accessories – Ultimate List

Even if your fishing skills are top-notch, accessories for fishing boats will still be helpful. Find out everything you need about accessories for your fishing boats by reading this article.
Fishing has been a popular and necessary activity for thousands upon thousands of years, from one coast to the next. More than 3,000,000 people fish recreationally every year around the globe.

Did you know that fishing used to be about getting fish out of the water using your bare hands? This was the pre-historic period. People began to use tools to create lures and hooks for fishing, which evolved into the fishing gear that we have today.

Being a boat fishing enthusiast, it is clear that having a boat and being a skilled angler are great starting points for your fishing adventures. But, the focus should not stop there.

I’m sure that any serious angler would agree that having the right gear and accessories on your boat will make a big difference in your fishing experience.

You’re here to help you equip your fishing boat with new equipment or update existing gear. This is the ultimate list of all the items that you should have on your boat to make your trip more enjoyable, safe, productive, and comfortable.

Accessories for fishing boats
Are you a fisherman or a fisherman? To be successful, you will likely need to do both. The gear that you use can make or break your fishing trip, so investing in the right fishing and boating accessories will make them more productive and exciting.

There are many other items than the essential fishing gear and safety equipment that can help you catch trophy fish and make you proud to be an angler.

Do you really need to buy everything? You might say yes or no. It all depends on the item’s importance, your level of skill and what type of angling it is. It all comes down to how complex and large your boat is. All in all, make sure you have everything you need.

Here’s a detailed list of all the essential gear every boat fisherman should have, from the extravagant to the indispensable.

1. Fishing Boat Tool Kit

It is important to have a toolkit for your fishing boat. It’s essential to have a toolkit in order to repair fishing equipment or the boat.

An adjustable wrench, spanner, and any driver bits that I might need for my engine are some other essentials I keep on my fishing boat. Cable ties, super glue and electrical tape are also included.

There are many pre-made tools available, but it is better to make your own. This will allow you to choose high quality tools and only what you need. To keep your tools organized, you’ll need a toolbox.

2. Personal Flotation Device (PFD).
Personal flotation devices, also known by life jackets, are essential equipment to have onboard your watercraft. This attire is not only a good idea, but a requirement by law. You could be punished severely if you don’t comply.

Problematic PFDs are those that are too bulky or uncomfortable to fit. There have been significant improvements to the PFDs. Now, you can find slim-fitting jackets for your life.

Jet Ski Life Jacket was designed to allow for freedom of movement and flexibility. It is lightweight and easy to put on during the day.

3. Safety Kit

Safety is paramount everywhere. Every fishing boat should have a first aid kit.

Either buy a ready-made safety kit, or you can make your own. It doesn’t really matter which route you choose, as long as you have first-aid supplies to treat misfortunes such as sea sicknesses or fish bites.

You will need to have basic items such as disinfectant wipes and bandages, scissors and tweezers.

Keep a bottle vinegar handy in case you get stung by jellyfish or sea urchins while on vacation in tropical waters. Surviveware is a great first aid kit that’s waterproof.

4. Cooler
You don’t want your eagerly awaited catch to sit out in the sun all day and cause damage. It’s important to keep your catch fresh in order to enjoy a tasty meal after you get out of the water.

You can keep your lunch cool and enjoy an ice-cold beverage to celebrate your catch as you glide around the lake. It is a top-priority item that you should never fish without.

There are many cool coolers on the market, so it’s not difficult to find the right one for you. It doesn’t matter if you choose a solid or soft-sided cooler, or one that has wheels over one with handles. It all comes down to what excites you.

Ice retention and durability are two things you need to pay closer attention to. You should have thicker insulation and a stronger construction if you plan to fish longer during the summer months.

5. Anchor

An anchor is essential for any fishing boat, regardless of its size. An anchor will help keep your boat safe in stormy weather or to keep you anchored when the current is strong.

It may take time to find the ideal spot to place your boat. An anchor can help to keep it from drifting off. You will need the correct anchor size to fit your boat.

An anchor rode or line will also be required. It should be at least three times as deep as the water. A lead chain is required to attach the anchor to the line.

6. GPS & Fish Finder
Fishing can be improved by adding a GPS and fishfinder to your fishing boat. These powerful tools are your best friend when you travel offshore to search for blue water creatures. These tools will help you to be at the right place at right time every single time.

It is a game changer to know your depth and access charts to find better spots. Also, it is important to note honey holes so you can come back and fish again.

Boat fishing is safer with a GPS. You can use charts to navigate and avoid dangerous areas. If you are ever in danger, you can provide exact coordinates to call for assistance. It’s worth it just for that alone.

Fishing boat GPS and fish finder can cost more than 1000 dollars. There are many options available for budget-conscious fishermen. The Compact Garmin Striker 4 is my favorite for small watercraft. The Hummingbird Helix 5 is a great option if you need a larger screen but don’t want to spend a lot.

7. Fishing rod holder

Boating and fishing go hand-in-hand, so a rod holder is an essential accessory for any fishing boat.

Fishers want to keep their fishing line in the water for as long as possible, waiting for the catch. It’s not fun to keep your fishing rod in your hands all day. Maybe you want to have a snack or rest your arms.

A fishing rod holder is an excellent tool. It allows you to keep your pole in place and your fishing line in the water, while your hands are free to engage.

There are many rod holders on the market. You should make sure you get a high-quality one. You could end up losing your fishing line or rod. Make sure the holder has a mounting system. If not, you will need to buy one separately.

You may want to have multiple rods, even if you are fishing solo. This is particularly useful if you fish in an area that has multiple species of fish, which may require different rods, reels and tackle sizes.

8. Livewells
It’s possible that you want to catch as many fishes as possible. As you fish more, the freshness of your first catch will decrease. This shouldn’t be a problem if your boat has a live well.

Livewells, which are mounted fish tanks, keep your bait or fish catch fresh and alive. They can be filled with freshwater, seawater, or both depending on the waters in which you fish.

Livewells are often equipped with a pump that circulates the water and insulation to maintain consistent water temperatures. Although the tanks may vary in size, they are usually no less than 20 gallons. A Livewell with 1 gallon per inch of fish is the best.

9. Spotlight and headlamp

Even if your plans are to leave the boat until dark, it is a good idea to keep a spare battery and light on board. It’s impossible to predict what might happen and when you will need a light.

A portable, rechargeable and waterproof LED flashlight is a great tool for night fishing, chart reading, or fixing your boat.

At a reasonable price, you can find very durable spotlights. Many spotlights have floating and slip-proof handgrips, which makes them less susceptible to damage. Others also come with a lifetime warranty.

A pistol-grip flashlight is a good choice. It’s waterproof and can float. Stream light Waypoint flashlights are affordable and of good quality. They can be recharged or battery-powered.

10. Trolling Motor
The trolling motor is next on my wish list, an amazing fishing boat accessory that’s worth investing in.

You can’t hunt fish without precision and stealth, no matter if you are a saltwater or freshwater angler. Trolling motors are a great tool to help you maximize your chances of catching that fish.

Trolling motors can be electric or have smaller propellers that your main engine prop. You’ll have more fishing options and no need to worry about the fish being scared.

Motors can also be used to turn the fishing boat in the right direction for pulling in fish. You can also make minor adjustments to navigate through strong currents and obstacles, which ensures smooth sailing.

11. Dry Storage
Dry bags are essential for keeping your gear, such as phones, cameras and extra clothes, dry if you don’t have a boat with a cabin or other dry storage.

Although I love super thin dry bags, I find them too bulky or awkward to carry around with me on the fishing boat.

I recommend a vinyl roll-top dry bag. These bags are available in sizes of 5, 10, 20, 30, and 40-liters. Grab some bright colors from Marchway.

12. Flares/Signaling
Flares are required to be carried onboard and are a legal requirement in many cases. There are many options available, including lights, smoke signals and whistles, as well as l flare guns, light, smoke signals and air horns.

Flares have an expiration date and must be replaced as soon as possible. You should also get a radar reflector if you work in an area with high ship traffic. You may have to comply with this legal requirement.

A whistle is a must for any boat. For spearfishers, you should have one extra on your buoy.

13. Boat Fenders

Bumpers or boat fenders protect your investment and neighboring boats. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are at angling, it is worth the effort to reduce the chance of your boat being damaged if it gets too close to docking posts.

Fenders are removable cushions that can be used to soften anchorage settings. You can simply pad your boat with the boatfenders. They are the best way to protect your hull and save you money.

You can choose the shape, location, and number of fenders based on your boat’s size and docking environment. The fenders can be either cylindrical or round. Make sure you have enough and align them evenly.

Boat fenders can be used in all kinds of boats so you don’t have to worry about finding the right brand. As long as they meet your needs,

14. Depth Finder
The function of a depth finder is very similar to that of a fishfinder, but it’s easier to use. Two reasons you should purchase this accessory for your fishing boat accessory are:

The tool can help you avoid dangerous waters, and save you money. A depth finder can help you quickly locate the areas where you might catch your desired fish. The finder will show you where the fish are located. Some species can be seen at the bottom, while others prefer shallower areas.

Your depth finder will show you the sea floor. You may be able to find two-in-1 models that show both the sea floor and the fish above it.

15. Oars

If your fishing boat is not small enough for you to paddle, you will need oars. You can purchase some accessories for your boat, or you can buy them locally.

Boat oars don’t cost too much on average. Some even cost less than beer for a regular fishing trip.

16. Firefighting
A fire extinguisher, or firefighting device, is a good idea for your fishing boat. You must also have one. However, this will depend on where you live and what type of boat it is. Even if it is not necessary, it is a good idea to keep it aboard your boat.

17. Power bank

To recharge your other electronic devices, a power bank is vital. It is a must-have accessory if your phone relies on GPS. It is possible to choose between a standard or splash-proof option depending on the size of your fishing boat.

18. Radio
You should always have a VHF radio in your boat, especially if you plan to travel long distances from shore. It could save your life.

My boat isn’t the largest so I have a handheld VHF radio that has floating properties. You can also opt for a fixed-mount radio that will semi-permanently reside on larger boats.

19. Extra Fuel Tank

It would be a good idea to start with enough fuel, before you worry about adding fuel. Running out of fuel is one of the most common reasons boats need to be towable. Make sure you check your fuel tank before you go.

An extra fuel tank is something you will never regret. Even if you don’t use it, it will give you the assurance that you can go on longer trips and chase your dream catch for as long or as you want without worrying about fuel.

20. Knife
As a fisherman, you should always carry a knife and / or a cutting tool. You need something to do the job, whether it’s a multi-tool or a filet knife. You should also have a folding knife or a sheath if your boat is inflatable.

21. Bucket

A bucket is very affordable and readily available.

Spearfishermen: Always bleed your fish in shark-inhabited waters and only then pour it overboard once all divers have returned to the boat.

22. Compass
A handheld, manual compass is a good alternative to technology. If you travel to large lakes and seas, keep it with you onboard your fishing boat. In some areas, it may even be required by law.

23. Camera

You can capture memorable moments and make your fishing experience even better with a camera. A good-quality camera can be added to your phone. Make sure that your phone and your camera are waterproof. You don’t want to lose any memories.

24. Measuring Gauges
Nearly every region has its own fish and game laws. These laws require that you equip your fishing boat to use a ruler or tape measure to measure the length of fish and standard gauges for sizing things such as crabs and shellfish.

25. Documents/licenses

You will need some documentation or licensing to fish in any area you are boat fishing. You can determine what requirements your state or local authority requires of you.

26. Additional Snacks and Water
This is the last item on my list, but it’s a must-have. You should always bring snacks and beverages with you. You can save your life if you have to, but they will also allow you to fish longer on days that are too good.

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